DIESEL ANTIFREEZE – This diesel engine additive controls the growth of paraffin crystals caused by the cold weather significantly improving the filtration properties  and pour point of diesel fuel. Prevents fouling  and reduces the exhaust fumes.Cod. 7501

DIESEL PLUS – Improves  diesel engine performance. Reduces engine noise and facilitates cold starting. Improves combustion and the funcionality of the ignition system. Keeps fuel injectors and combustions chambers free  from impurities and deposits. Improves the lubricity of gasoil currently on the matket with reduced sulphur content. Cod. 7502

OCTANE PLUS – Designed to improve the performance  of gasoline engines, increases the octane number of 4 points. Eliminates knocking and autoignition. Its special formulation guarantees animporant increase of performance. Cod. 7503

INJECTION CLEANER – Cleans the injection system from the fuel residues. Removes carbon deposit from injection and inlet valves and other components of the fuel system. Ensures the optimization of the combustion and injection cycles. Protects against corrosion. Cod. 7504