ECOBLACK  – Protective revitalizer for rubber surfaces. Spayed on tyres, it restores the original colour and protects them against atmospheric agents.  Cod.5625

ECOLEGA – One of our best car cleaning products. Ideal to remove all kind of dirt such as smog, grease and disc and drum brakes residues from alloy and steel rims. Cod.5640

ECOLUX – Alkaline cleaner with enhanced degreasing power to quickly remove flies and other insects residues. Cod.5626

ECOSMACCHIA  – Low viscosity liquid cleaner. Eliminates any stain from fabric, plastic, vinyl, paint and metal.  Cod.5627

RINNOVA CRUSCOTTI  – Renews and protects dashboard plastic cockpit or internal plastic as well as rubber and plastics parts.   Cod.4007

ICE BUSTER Cod. 4006 – Removes ice and white frost, does not damage rubber, paint or plastics, prevents immediate re-icing.  Cod.5640