Spray Line

ENGINE QUICK STARTER is a volatile, flammable liquid which is used to aid the starting of internal combustion engines, especially during cold weather or in engines that are difficult to start using conventional starting procedures. It is  available in an aerosol spray can. Cod. 4014

ICE BUSTER SPRAY  -Melts ice, snow, and frost on contact. Harmless to car finish ,Applications : automobiles, `headlights, locks, windows . Thaws frozen locks and is effective to sub-zero temperatures. Cod. 4006

BRAKE CLEANER  – Brake cleaner in spray cans. its action is to clean, degrease and eliminate dust from all components of the braking systems to disc or drum brakes: disc, caliper, pads, drum, cylinder, jaws, plate brakes. Cod. 4013

CARBURATOR CLEANER  – Is a cleaner of carburetor and intake systems for petrol, LPG and methane engines. Cleans and removes deposits in the intake ducts of the air without the need for dissembly. Dissolves gums,varnishes and all kinds of deposits in the throttle bodies. Suitable for cleaning carburetors. Suitable for: single injection and multi point motors, throttle bodies and carburetors. Cod. 4003

SBLOCCANTE MULTIUSO -Multi-action anti-corrosive and highly penetrating unlocking lubricant. It gets quickly and efficiently into oxidized or seized parts, inorder to enable to unscrew the corroded parts. Cod. 4004 

GRASSO SPAY  – the product greases and lubricates the mechanical parts like gears, hinges, chains, clamps, etc. Cod. 4005

COCKPIT 220 ML –  is an ideal product for polishing and protecting your car dashboard in several fragrance with strawberry, apple, vanille and lemon. Cod. 4007